Why You Need Backlinks to Your Blog and How To Get Them

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your blog.  Every time you link to someone’s blog you are giving them a backlink from your blog. If you have a high page rank you share it with any sites you link to. Because you get some of the juice from other blogs when they link to you it is important to have a large number of backlinks. Backlinks can increase your page rank, increase your traffic and raise your blog on search engine listings for certain keywords you use.

If you don’t have backlinks Google and other search engines will never notice you so, it is important to get as many as you can.

Why You Need Backlinks to Your Blog and How To Get Them

There are many ways to get backlinks, some are easier than others but all methods should be used to get them.


Make sure you have a blogroll listing your favorite blogs. Once you have created a blogroll ask the people you have included to include you in their blogroll. Most bloggers are happy to do this.

Guest Post

Writing guest posts is a fantastic way to get quality backlinks. There are two places to get backlinks by writing guest posts. There is the bio you should be sure to include with every guest post you write. Tell a little about yourself, your blog and then include a link to your blog. In the post you write reference one of your blog posts as it relates to the article you are writing.

Article Distribution

Article Distribution is a lot like guest posting except you are writing an article that will hopefully get picked up by other bloggers in need of content. You don’t necessarily know where your articles will end up, so be sure to include a bio with a link to your site. Most article distribution sites won’t use your content if there are links in the post so don’t include them. The bio is where the juice comes from.

Reviews and Contests

You tend to give out more backlinks when you write reviews and contests (this is why they want you to write about them on their blog) but sometimes, depending on who the review is for, they will promote your post on their site. Usually smaller companies do this, the larger ones don’t.


Contributing to newsites like The Huffington Post, CNN and other large sites that offer a profile is another way to get backlinks. Often times you will have to submit many stories to get one posted but when you get on their front page the link is golden.

Forums and Networks

There are millions of forums and networks in the web. Most are niche specific but there is something for everyone out there. Again be sure to fill in your profile with a link to your site and then post on the site with internal links.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumble not only give a backlink when your site is promoted there but you also get the added benefit of instant traffic.

Give Links Liberally

You’d be surprised how many backlinks you can get by linking to other sites you like. Give out some link love on a regular basis, everyone will get a ping back and will know you have linked to them. This practice will increase traffic temporarily as the blog owners come and check out the link and might even turn into a new reader if they like your stuff. If you connect with them they will usually introduce you to their readers so be sure to be friendly.