If you’ve taken the advice I’ve been giving for years, you have a blog on your website. You use it to add new and compelling content to your website so that the search engines visit your site and increase your search results rankings. You also might be adding new content to your blog because it benefits your customers or clients.

What a concept, writing a blog for the benefit of your customer.

Too often we, and by we I mean I, get caught up in creating blog posts aimed at the search engines. It’s sometimes easier to pull together a compelling post when you think the only one who is reading it is a bot. It can also take a bit of the pressure off too but that’s another blog post.

Writing for actual people used to be easier because more people engaged on blogs, forums and boards. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites we no longer bother engaging each other on websites.

Most of us have comment sections that are ghost towns. Where I used to get 30-50 comments per posts I now get maybe 1 0r 2 if I am lucky. I often feel as though I am writing to no one at all. My analytics tell a different story however.

I’m getting a decent amount of traffic it’s just not from people I know anymore. I’m getting traffic from the search engines based on the searches people are actually performing instead of traffic from friends, family and other bloggers.

People are still reading my writing, they just aren’t people I know. They’re potential customers.

So what can I write to make the time they spend on my website more beneficial?

I can tell them about my services, I can tell them about the trends in the industry and I can give them information to make their life easier – at least with regard to marketing their business. I don’t need to preach to the choir and I don’t need to talk over their head and I especially don’t need to try to sell them. Blogging to me is still about communicating with people. Now, maybe those people are potential clients or current customers but they are still people and connecting with them over like interests is still what the internet is all about.