Nothing-to-Write-AboutHave you lost your blogging mojo lately? Don’t know where it went or how to get it back? Do you sit down at your computer to write something, anything to fill the blank page, but can’t conjure the words? Do you fear your blog is dying a slow and painful death because you can’t figure what to write about? Do you think you have said everything there is to say and there is just nothing left to do but ignore your blog until your readers go away?

You aren’t alone.

During the warmer months it isn’t uncommon to lose your blogging mojo. There are so many more things to do, the days are longer and no one wants to haul around a laptop outdoors when there is a hammock with your name on it. Kids are out of school and writing with them around is like pulling your own teeth without the benefit of numbing drugs. If you have been writing for a long time, several years, it isn’t uncommon to feel these stretches of non inspiration and writers block more and more often.

These stretches of “no blogging” seem to be coming closer and closer together and last longer and longer. Blog contractions, maybe?

Wouldn’t that be great if indeed these were blog contractions and a great wealth of blog posts was sure to follow these dry patches?

Sadly, it never seems to work that way.

Sometimes you have to go and find your mojo and drag it back kicking and screaming to get the blog blood pumping again. Here are a few easy tips and tricks to get your blogging mojo back.

Make a List

It sounds easy, low tech and really simple but sometimes making a list of the things that interest you is a great way to get your writing back on. Take more than a few minutes to sit quietly somewhere, free from distraction, and write down everything that interests you. It doesn’t matter how silly the items on your list are (no one is going to see it but you) as long as you let your mind wander. Use free association to stimulate your creativity. Think outside of the box. Open your mind. Then set the list aside for a day or two, don’t think about what your wrote down and see what happens. You might just find yourself unable to stop thinking about one of your listed items. If that is the case do some research and then share it on your blog. Chances are pretty good if you are interested in three legged dog races your readers will be too.

Read your Archives

Go back and read your old stuff. If you are like most writers you will notice typos and grammatical errors. You will also probably notice that the article can be written better. Rewrite the post, do research on the subject if necessary and give it a new spin. Be sure to include relevant links for your readers so they can learn more. Once you have rewritten the post pick out a new title and post it. You can even link to the original post so your readers can see how your writing has evolved.

Take a Break

Allow yourself to take a specific amount of time away from your blog without guilt. Make the time long enough to recharge your batteries but not too long so you and your readers, forget about the blog. Go about your daily life and try not to think like a blogger. Don’t take your camera everywhere you go. If you miss a few great photo opps you might be itching to get back to blogging a lot sooner than you anticipated. Force yourself to take a real break and don’t start blogging until the time has ended.

Redesign your Blog

If you can’t get new posts out at least make your blog look new and fresh. Pick a new design or theme that reflects who you are now. It just may inspire you to fill the pages with some great writing.

Wine Blog

Maybe you just need to relax a little. Have a few glasses of wine and then let ‘er rip. Just remember that wine blogging can be like drunk dialing so be prepared to remove the offending post the next day.

Whine Blog

If you tried all of these tips to get your mojo back and still can’t manage to type something resembling a sentence then by all means take a few minutes to complain about your inability to write. Misery loves company and while you might not find your writing mojo this way you will find that all of your readers have experienced this at one time and probably have some great tips for how to get the mojo back.