SEO is Search Engine Optimization. According to Wikipedia search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

In English, or for those who don’t speak web design, that means you do specific things to your website so the search engines find you and present your site in search results.

In the olden days of the internet that meant filling your website with keywords, meta tags and all kinds of other annoying and underhanded tricks to get your page ranked above someone else’s page. The trouble with this method was that the search engines would return garbage when you were searching for something. Google revolutionized searching and ranking with their heavily protected algorithm. No one really knows how Google ranks pages but they recommend writing good content.

That is the key to good SEO – writing good content.

An example of SEO for this website would be using a sentence such as: the best SEO service in the Twin Cities, or affordable SEO and web design services in the Twin Cities.

Those are called “long tail” keywords because instead of using a word or two to describe what the page is about I used a sentence, or in this case a fragment of a sentence, to describe the website. Most people who are looking for something using a search engine aren’t exactly sure how to search for it and tend to use questions to describe what they are looking for. Additionally I will never rank for Twin Cities Web Design and SEO Services because so many other companies already fill the first few pages of Google for those words.

I get calls daily from people who are looking for SEO services. Inevitably I tell them that the best way to increase their search engine rankings is to install a blog on their website and post to it as often as possible. The blog is the engine of your website and yet most people rarely utilize it.

I’m not sure why either. It’s not difficult to write a post, especially if you know your business. Ghostworks provides blogging services and we’re happy to take on new clients but if you know your business, and you should, you’re going to be the best one to talk about it.

In discussing your business on your blog you’ll be doing a few different things. You’ll be positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, you’ll be writing unique content for your website, and that content will use the keywords you use in your industry. All of those things are great for increasing traffic to your website and they’re free.

The trouble is most small business owners don’t have the time to write daily blog posts and even if they did they find they run out of ideas shortly after they begin blogging.

The key to great SEO is to write unique content and add it to your website on a daily basis. The blog is the easiest way to do that but you can update any page with new content to better your SEO.