If you want to increase traffic to your website or blog then stop worrying about SEO. As a web designer and professional blogger, I am always thinking about SEO. Keywords, just the right keywords, are constantly floating through my head. I craft articles based on the keywords the client needs specifically so the search engines rank the site for those words. And in the process the article inevitably loses any originality or unique flavor. Do I get traffic to the site? Sure, but there’s little engagement.

Which isn’t what most clients care about, admittedly.

While this may work for static business websites – sites that provide accounting services or cremation services for example – it’s a sure fire recipe for mediocrity if you have a mommy blog, lifestyle blog or sell an item that you produce.

In other words, if you want to sell that book you’re going to need to develop an outstanding, unique and authentic voice on the internet.

Stop Worrying about SEO

I write for several different websites, including several of my own. Without fail, the writing I most enjoy is for myself. On my blogs and websites I can let my personality shine through. I can say what I want and explore thoughts and ideas in real time – this includes social media. I can’t do that for most of my clients because they’re professionals with a brand (that they have worked hard to cultivate just right) they want to uphold.

I even find myself falling into this habit on this blog. But it’s pointless. I’m probably never going to rank for SEO services in the Twin Cities, there are just too many of us out there vying for those keywords. I can, however, engage my readers.

That may not be possible for business websites, one does have to stay focused for the most part, but for lifestyle blogs, author websites, coaches etc, the best kind of SEO you can do is to engage your audience.

And that means letting it rip and sharing yourself with your audience. Jack hammering keywords into a personal post about losing your virginity or losing 100 pounds, just stops the flow.

If you want to attract an engaged audience, you need to be your authentic self.

There will always be time to write articles that are dry and filled with keywords, but it’s important to share all that you have to offer to the world without fear and without the constraints we let the search engines shackles us with.

Go forth and write your story. Tell it the way you want to tell it using only the words you want to use. And then share it on your social media platforms, you’ll be amazed with the results – and connections you make.