If you are a blogger, you probably considered outsourcing your SEO at one point in your career. At the first glance, it looks like an amazing idea. In the end, if this is something that can save you money, why wouldn’t you do it?

Unfortunately, the fact that this is a global service where you have little to no knowledge regarding the service providers can make it quite tricky. This is why we made a list of all the positives and negatives when hiring such a company.

Let’s check them out!


  1. The price Basic value of any outsourcing deal is the price. By hiring people who live in a country with a low average income, you are bound to save some.This can be really positive thing when it comes to SEO as this is an expensive service and the top-tier taken enormous amounts of money.
  2. Gives you more freedom  SEO is one of the pillars of the modern internet marketing. With Google slowly switching to user-oriented rankings factors, it is only a matter of time when SEO professionals have to manage both your blog and social networks.That being said, by hiring a reputable outsourcing company, you are able to transfer majority of your daily work to a third party. This means fewer headaches for you.
  3. Quick solutionA lot of companies decide to do in-house SEO. This is great. However, this also means that you will have to hire and train people.Let’s face it; this will eat away your time. By using an SEO outsourcing company, you can start optimizing almost immediately.

    Although I am not against in-house SEO, you should definitely consider starting with an outsourced company and then develop your own team as you go.

  4. Expertise and commitment – A lot of bloggers decide to optimize by themselves.This can be a good solution if you have some experience. Unfortunately, the field of SEO constantly changes. You need to adapt all the time and learn new methods. If you also have to run a blog, this means you will have to invest a lot of time which you otherwise do not have.

    SEO experts are doing this for living. They are constantly learning about the new procedures and how to outsmart Google search engine. They are solely committed to this task and as such, they may present a good alternative.


  1. Cultural issues Outsourced company will always be from a different country than your own. Some cultural issues are to be expected.Luckily for us, in this modern world, these differences are less and less obvious. Nevertheless, this is something you have to be mindful of as it may pose a problem down the road.
  2. You never know what you getting The biggest issue with hiring an outsourced SEO company is that you cannot be certain what you’re getting.First of all, different industries yield different results in terms of SEO. Some markets will be really hard to penetrate. You might see an amazing portfolio only to discover later on that a person worked within easy markets.

    Also, person can create an amazing portfolio with great results which can be contributed to gray-hat and black-hat techniques. As you can presume, this will drag down a website as soon as new Google update comes.

  3. You will lose control over the blog – For an SEO professional to be successful, he requires a full control over your blog. This is an obvious problem especially if you hire a company with bad track results or questionable SEO methods.This can be disastrous as the blog is probably your main source of revenue and most important ingredient of your internet marketing. That being said, you are practically allowing outside players to control the future of your company.


Although SEO outsourcing can be amazing for your blog, you need to approach it with caution.

There are numerous things that can go wrong and you need to asses every step of the way and make daily decisions that will direct your blog in the right direction. Luckily, this article will help you do just that.


Nikolay Stoyanov is the founder of NikSto.com and a well-known Bulgarian SEO expert with over 8 years of SEO experience. He’s a huge fan of Brian Dean and a proud graduate of his SEO That Works online course. He practices 100% white hat SEO techniques and has a vast experience in keyword research, on-page optimization, SEO auditing and link building. Nikolay enjoys learning new things, making new friendships and improving his skills all the time.