It’s been at least a few weeks since I received a phishing scam email from Mrs Frank Dauda, I used to get them fairly often. So often that when I saw her name in the email preview I thought “I wonder how Mrs Frank Dauda is these days”? I have received many emails from her in the past. As a matter of fact, she actually acknowledges as much.

This phishing scam is a variation on the Nigerian Prince scam that is always going around. It originates from Guaranty Trust Bank in Kenya, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kenya. In a nutshell, she’s trying to give me money $5,500,000,000 for being scammed in the past. It goes on to say if I don’t want the funds I will need to provide information to forfeit them. From there it asks for my bank name, routing number and account number.

This phishing scam email from Mrs. Frank Dauda is poorly written, the grammar is atrocious and there is little sentence structure and they appear to have a thing against capitalization.

Phishing Scam Email from Mrs. Frank Dauda

Good Day To You,

When your name appeared on the list of approved beneficiaries few years ago and was reported to us, we contacted you to refer you to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kenya to seek compensation fund which hundreds of scammed victims got, the email we sent to you may have not been delivered or you ignored it, I am writing you now because you are needed to take a decision on the compensation funds worth M2.5USD (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dallas) you have here in our custody,

We the International Monetary Fund IMF, Investigation Bureau Department in conjunction with other relevant Investigation agencies, we hereby to inform you that we recently received several reports through our Global intelligence monitoring networks that you have a transaction in Europe,Asia,Africa, which wasn’t accomplished after series of process and requires further procedures. Consequently we finally traced the location of the funds and ordered the dispatch or transmitting of the funds to a safe custody. Guaranty Trust Bank (Kenya), hence the mentioned Bank institute will be facilitating the transferring of the funds to your account,

you may have received emails hundreds of emails from impostors in the last 4 to 5 years till date telling you about millions in your name, that is the reason why you are needed here in person and if you don’t come down to Nairobi, Kenya in person to pursue the release of the only true compensation fund you have here, it will be very difficult for you to believe even that we write to you,

the scam you suffered in the past and that experience may even be what will deny you your true fund because once you are scammed you suspect everyone is lying to you and not trustworthy and that is why you are needed here in person, but if you do not wish to claim the fund, you are needed to confirm you are forfeiting the fund so that we can change the ownership of the fund and award to other scammed victims seeking for compensation.

Therefore you are advised to contact our paying bank immediately with the information outlined below:

Guaranty Trust Bank (Kenya)
General Manager: Ibukunoluwa Odegbaike
phone contact +25470151171
Address:GT Bank House, Kimathi Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

Your personal profile (Profession, names, age, Home address, phone
number# Your MOBILE and LANDLINE required)

The Name of the Bank
The account details will comprise the full address of the bank.
The Routing number/Swift code
Account name and Account number.

Furthermore you are expecting to Identify yourself with the following code of conduct: EGZOXHXTFRD/WBG, this code was given by the Chairman of the Guaranty Trust Bank,Kenya today for verification or easy identification so you must endeavor to include or indicating this code in your email.

Finally you are advised to completely terminate all your conversation or correspondent with any other individual, authority or office in UK,Europe,Asia, who claims to be in the custody of your funds because your funds was officially directed to Guaranty Trust Bank today under our instructions therefore you should completely quit all conversations with any other individual or group except Guaranty Trust Bank,Kenya. Comply with all their instruction and directives accordingly and they will transfer your funds without any delay, remain blessed.

Warmest regards
Yours sincerely
Mrs.Frank Dauda
Managing Director
International Monetary Fund (IMF)