As a Minnesota web design company I love the list post. When there is nothing else to write about I can always pull a rabbit out of my hat by creating a list post. List posts are easy to write, easy to read and have great potential to go viral. A list post makes a great resource for other bloggers to source which means back links.

Lists are neat and organized

List posts force you to organize your thoughts. This is good practice anytime but for blogs such as mine, a stream of consciousness blog, if I don’t stay organized my posts can and do go on and on forever.  Organizing your subject into a list looks tidy and doesn’t scare readers away.

List posts look shorter

And thus cause more readers to actually read your post. They might not actually be shorter but because the features of the subject are broken down and organized readers tend to stay for the full article.  Most of my posts on my Redhead Ranting blog are not lists, I tend to write really long paragraphs which might be overwhelming to a majority of my readers. Listing things highlights a few key features the reader can hone in on and leave a comment regarding one aspect of the post. Hell, they don’t even need to read the whole post to be able to leave a comment.

List posts are easy to write

Because the subject has been broken down to a few bullet points you only have to focus on one at a time. If I write about a subject about my truck and why I love it, I can just go on and on until I have bored my readers to tears. Which is exactly what I did with that post. Had I broken it down into a list of things I would have saved myself a lot of time and spared my readers a long story. Using a list forces you to be brief and to the point.

List posts work for any subject

Pick a subject and start thinking about the things you like/don’t like about it. Write them down. If you can think of five bullet points you have a list post. Does you kid hate peas? Bam, five reasons he hates peas and what that means at dinner time.

List posts look professional

More and more websites are using lists as the basis of their articles. It might be because our attention spans have dwindled to nothing or because they are easier to write but most of the major blogs out there use list posts. Because they are better organized they look less like a journal and more like a professional article. I suspect Google and the other search engines rank them higher because of their organization.

If you haven’t tried to write a list post before I encourage you to do it now. I’ve had more fun writing list posts because they take less time, my thoughts are more organized and I can talk about any subject. Because I am shooting for a shorter post with the list posts I can write about things I normally wouldn’t because I didn’t think they would make a post. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.