Google is about to shake things up once again next week by changing its ranking system to favor those who have websites that are mobile ready.

If you’ve have a new website created, remodeled or built in the last couple of years you’re probably ok. Most websites today are designed to be responsive so they can be viewed easily and beautifully on your phone, tablet or any other device. The design might look different on each device but still just as easy to navigate and images are fast to load.

If you have a top ranking site but don’t have a site that mobile friendly or responsive you might find your ranking dropping down a few notches or by a few pages.

Wondering if you site is safe from the downranking or not? Use this tool from Google to see if your site is mobile friendly. You might have to try it a couple of times since the tool is extremely busy.

Nearly 40%  of all websites are not mobile friendly but more and more people are making their phone the main way they experience the internet.

If your site loads slowly you’re losing potential clients or customers.

Google’s goal is to get more people using search on their mobile device and to do that means the ones who do get better ranking as of this week.