Blog-TrafficBloggers are always talking about their traffic. Either they don’t have enough of it or they do but want more, which means they don’t have enough of it. Most bloggers are addicted to their stats. On good days, when blog traffic increases they watch it to see how high it can go. On bad days when no one is visiting we start checking the weather maps to see if there isn’t some natural disaster taking place to account for the low numbers.

Many bloggers don’t realize that to get traffic to their website, and keep ‘em coming back for more, great content isn’t enough. You can write the most witty, intelligent and profound stuff but if no one knows it is out there no one, except for your friends and family, are going to read it.

There are no secrets to getting more traffic to your blog, like dieting the answer is pretty simple but sadly most people want a short cut.

The best way to get more traffic to your site is to do the things you did when you first started blogging, things we now take for granted or have dismissed because we didn’t see the reward from the effort when we tried them initially.

Visit Other Blogs

Visiting other blogs and commenting is by far the best way to get quality traffic to your website. It’s also one of the most time consuming though the ROI is pretty high because most bloggers want you to keep coming back to their blog so they will visit you. Of course, if you spend your time visiting blogs like Dooce, The Bloggess and The Pioneer Woman you probably won’t have them coming to back to your blog though their readers will certainly check you out if your comment is interesting or funny.


We all know we need high ranking backlinks to our blogs but just how do you get them? I’ll tell you how, you go to every forum, network group out there and join and create a profile with a link to your blog. Join groups like Blog Frog, She Writes, Blogher, and any of the other millions of them out there. The spammers know that the network doesn’t have to be related to your site, it’s all about the backlink. If you are really motivated you can actually participate in the forums and networks, leaving more and more links within any posts you write on those sites back to your blog. Hub Pages or Squidoo are great networks to be involved with because you can write unique content for them with links back to your blog posts that relate. This is time consuming as well. Who has more time for networking? I don’t but if I want more traffic to my blog I have to make the time to get as many backlinks as possible, and so do you.

Guest Post

Writing a guest post is a great way to meet new bloggers. By writing for someone else, who has a different audience than you, you can increase your traffic significantly. Having guest posts on your own blog is also a way to reach a new audience because the guest writer will most certainly be promoting your blog on their blog. How do you find places to guest post? Ask. Ask if you can write a post for them or if they want to write for your blog. Most bloggers would love to have someone else write a post for their blog. We are always looking for guest posts on Tribal Blogs so if you have an article about blogging you would like to share please let us know. You get a backlink and bio too!

Write More Often

The more you write the more opportunity Google and other search engines have to find you and show your posts in search results. You can’t write too often. There was a time when bloggers thought it would annoy readers if they posted more than once a day. The reasoning being that if posts kept popping up in feed readers eventually the readers would become blind to new posts. And there might be something to that but that isn’t why you are writing so often. You are writing more to get Google’s attention and the only way to do that is to write more.


Most people who have personal blogs or nicheless blogs, don’t want to write with keywords in mind, or they simply don’t know how. There are many different tools available to help you do a little keyword research like Google and Wordtracker. You can also write using search terms you would use to find answers. You don’t want to jam the keywords into your posts but if you want to be known as a humor blogger you are going to have to use those words in your posts frequently to be found by the search engines for those terms.

There are many other ways to increase traffic but these are some of the more successful ways to do so, they are also the more time consuming methods.

What methods have you used to increase your traffic?