Key-Words-GraphicI submitted my first keyword article to an online publishing company today. The article seemed to take an eternity to complete and the pay won’t be worth the time put in if I just look at it from a monetary perspective.

I choose to look at it as a learning experience, however, or a very low-paying apprenticeship. While it may not be accepted for payment on the first run, they will tell me what I did wrong and give me the chance to correct it. I need to practice my craft and it would be a great benefit if I could be paid a little for the time spent learning how to write in a new medium.

The article was a nightmare but it taught me so many lessons that it was worth the trouble.

Consider how easy or difficult it will be to work with the client’s keywords

Keyword articles require you to use the keyword or phrase as-is, even if it is awkward to use in a sentence. Most articles require the use of the keywords in the title, the first sentence and last sentence so it must be something easy to use.

I chose poorly for my first article and found it nearly impossible to write a compelling sentence using my keyword phrase. The next time I choose an article to write, I will spend a few moments crafting sentences that use the keywords.

Stay on topic by setting research goals

Another lesson I learned is that I have trouble staying focused on the project at hand. I will start the process of looking up information pertaining to my article and then find an interesting link that I just can’t keep myself from clicking. The problem is that each time I click a link things become less and less relevant to the topic I need to learn about.

Setting research goals and sticking to them is going to be a must for me. I will never get anything done if I just keep researching. I love to learn about things and I could waste an entire day reading articles I found on feeding and caring for chickens when I was supposed to be researching organic cooking. Focus is not my forte but if I am going to learn to write for a living I am going to have to learn to research more efficiently.

Be selective when choosing writing jobs

From now on I have to select my articles wisely and choose topics I that inspire me. I will look for publications that allow me to write content that I enjoy writing and just use the keyword articles for practicing.

This really is a lot cheaper than college; I actually had to pay to become a social work intern.