GhostWorks is looking for guests posts! Recently we talked about the value of backlinks and guest posting is a great way to generate backlinks to your blog. Specifically we are looking for articles about blogging, writing, web design, photography, marketing and social media. That’s it, really any topic can be discussed as long as it relates to a website or blog.

For instance you can write about the process of blogging, how you started your blog, the success you have had with it. How did you find that success? Do you have a book? If so we would love to hear about the process of writing it, publishing it, promoting it.

There are a few general guidelines:

  • Post must be original, but you retain all rights to it. We won’t distribute it, though we will promote it.
  • You don’t have to reply to comments but your should.
  • You must include a brief bio with links to your sites.
  • You are free to include links in your article as long as they don’t go to porn sites or other questionable places. In other words, feel free to link to your blog posts or other blogs you like.
  • When linking back to your blog be sure to use the keywords you want the search engines to find you with.
  • Please promote your guest post on your blog.

Writing guest posts is a great way to promote your blog or webiste, discover new readers, and increase your traffic. It’s also a great way to kick that writer’s block to the curb.

If you are interested in guest posting for GhostWorks please send us an email with the post in the body of the email, don’t forget to include links and a brief bio along with the name you want posted on the site.