The short answer is a resounding yes. No matter what business you have if you are selling something or wish to market yourself, you need a blog.

I recently presented a webinar on blogging and ghostwriting to a group of home builders and remodelers, during the presentation attendees were shown a couple of polls and asked to answer them. The polls were about blogging and if they had one, if they did how often did they post. I was surprised to learn that a third of the people polled didn’t have a blog and those who did didn’t post very often, if at all.

The truth of the matter is no matter what your business you need a blog.

Why do I need a blog?

  • To build relationships with potential customers
  • To position your company as an industry leader/expert
  • To eliminate customer decisions based on price alone

It’s not enough to have a static website

It’s not enough to have a company website — that’s a basic expectation. Think of your website as the brick and mortar building where you conduct business. A consumer needs to be able to walk up and down the aisles to make an informed decision. The same is true of your website. You need to provide a virtual showroom for your company.

Once a reader has taken a look at that online showroom your blog acts as your virtual salesperson. Through your blog you can directly address the consumer.

As of this writing, there were 1,107,817,756 websites and yet the average lifespan of a blog is between 44 -75 days.

That’s a lot of competition yet many small businesses are treating websites like static billboards.

In today’s business environment it’s necessary to have an interactive web presence. It’s not enough to direct a consumer to a page with your company logo, address and phone number. Consumers expect a company to have an interactive website which will allow them to do research before they contact a salesperson.

A blog is a virtual introduction

Blogs are interactive; they allow consumers to leave comments and create discussions with business owners as well as other consumers. It’s a way to build a community and  a relationship with your customers before you ever meet face-to-face.

Your website is your first sales pitch. If a consumer finds a flat website with very little information they will assume the company is antiquated and out of touch. You have to be able to engage the consumer and offer value before the sale.

Blogs are where technology meet word of mouth

Readers who derive value from your company’s blog will provide word of mouth advertising. Now more than ever, consumers are relying on other consumers and customers to learn about a company’s reputation and quality of service before they buy.

You must create a niche to be noticed. If you stand out as a company that provides value and stress-free solutions before the sale a customer’s decision will not be based on price alone.

A blog will allow you to generate leads based on solving a customer’s problems. If you can focus on the  buying and building experience you will see referral business based on word of mouth advertising.

Most business owners can survive without a blog if they have a brick and mortar storefront but just think of all the potential business you are letting slip through you hands because you didn’t connect with them in the virtual world.

If you are a business owner do you have blog? How has it helped your business?