Do you know who your blog audience is? You might think you do but you’d be surprised to learn that you know fewer of your readers than you think.

If you blog regularly – and you should be if you want to generate quality traffic to your website – then it’s imperative that you know who’s reading what you write.

For this article I’m speaking more about lifestyle blogs and websites than I am business blogs, but that’s only because most articles written for business websites are about the industry and rarely have much personality injected into them. It’s simply difficult to generate much of a following when you write about industry standards rather than the people in the industry. Probably why websites like TMZ get a lot more traffic than Valspar paint.

Do You Know Who Your Blog Audience Is?

We all have a core group of readers on our blogs, people who tend to travel in the same circles and who comment on the blog on a regular basis. I was pretty sure I knew who my audience on my lifestyle blog Redhead Ranting was until I wrote a very short post asking my readers to tell me about themselves.

I was surprised by all the responses because while I do tend to get a decent amount of comments, they are usually from the same visitors. When I asked people to tell me who they were, their age, general location and where their blog was (I asked them to leave me their URL) I met tons of new people I didn’t know I had been reaching. Even more surprising was that these new bloggers I was meeting were not just spam.

I didn’t originally ask my readers to leave all this information for any reason except I was curious to know more about the people who read my blog. However, as more and more bloggers left information I realized I had a nice snapshot of who my readers based on some pretty solid demographics. That information is good to know because when I approach a PR firm or company with whom I want to work I can tell them the age, location, general education level as well as give them an educated guess on their financial status – all details these companies want to know and yet most stats analysis programs don’t get to that level.

In addition to learning a little more about my readers than just their IP address I learned that I had in fact a lot of lurkers who did not leave a comment until I came out and asked them to.

Go ahead and ask your readers to tell you a little about them, you will learn you have more readers than you think and quiet a bit about your blog.