Making-Money-on-Auto-PilotYou know the pitch, you get an email that sounds almost personal, you have been chosen for a great opportunity and all you have to do is plunk down $47 (down from $97) to get the system in a box that will change your life. You will go from rags to riches just like the author of the email who was bussing tables or waitressing for pennies all while trying to support their family on only their meager income. They stumbled onto the system quite by chance and often because some internet marketing guru took pity on them and told them the secrets to becoming a millionaire over night.

I get these emails three times a day, at least. I keep getting them because I figure maybe one of them will have some useful information in them and I am always interested in seeing how they word their sales pitch.

We discuss these opportunities in the forum and so far I haven’t read of one that anyone has made big money with. You can make money with these systems because there really is a sucker born every minute, but for the most part the only one making any money is the person who you paid $47 to.

These systems, for the most part, all rely on one thing, a huge email list. It isn’t that difficult to generate a large email list and you can buy them, the problem is once you’ve sent one email out, and maybe even had some buyers, you aren’t likely to be able to use the list again with much success. All of these systems are about big numbers. Whether it be a large email list, and I’m talking upwards of at least 50,000 email addresses, or heavy traffic to your site, you need to get people to the product and then it’s just a numbers game.

You can make money online. If you have a list that big you are doing something right and should be selling advertising on your blog for a premium price. If you have great traffic the same thing applies.

The bottom line is that there is no free lunch. All of these systems have useful information in them but most of them just keep reinventing the wheel and there isn’t anything in them that you don’t already know. All of these systems take a lot of work. The days of Google ads paying out big money are long over. People just don’t see those ads anymore.

You can make money, obviously someone is buying these systems or they wouldn’t keep sending out emails. Even though email is still free it takes some time to compose the email and then you need a service to send it (otherwise it’s spam). The thing is, the person making the money is usually the one selling the ebook. They aren’t making money with the system, just by selling it to someone else.

If you have tried any of these systems and had success with them I would love to hear about it. If you have tried one of these products and know it did not work you can leave a comment about that as well.